Erkunde Garden Tempelhofer, Park Berlin und noch mehr!

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Community Garden - Tempelhofer Park, Berlin

Mistletoe berries ; Gardenista

Daffodils and blue and white are such a good combination!

WANTED #3. Couper Court — Green Monsters par fanie

emelabla: focus-damnit: limilee: triangletriangle: ernest...

Sweet inspiration for a very simple green wreath. This looks like nandina, but don't quote me on that. I think the same look could be achieved using any pretty greenery from your yard or a neighbor's or a local garden store. Perfect for weddings or parties or holidays or pretty much anytime you want to bring a little greenery into your home.

Cru Camara est déjà passée maître dans l'art de la photographie. Ses photos nous transporte dans son univers coloré aux accents futuristes.

Spotted Melon with White Swallowtail This is a piece of sculpture!

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