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Erkunde Kawai, Weiß Silber und noch mehr!

HL: Her smile is so beautiful <3 And I love the colors so much

Ich, meine Welt und was sonst noch passiert: Animes damals und heute

White Rose - anime girl - kawaii

奇迹暖暖 's Weibo_Weibo

Today is a "lazy day" so I don't want to write a lot xD Well these characters are 2 of my OC's Tools: watercolour, black pen and white pastel That's all, and I hope you like it!! ^ ^

The reason why i chose this picture is because it's two of my favorite shows( "Fairy Tail" and "The Seven Deadly Sins") protagonist in one picture. The blond one is name is Lucy, and she's from Fairy Tail. And the white hair one is name is Elizabeth, and she's from The Seven Deadly Sins. -Melenen Ortega

Manga girl. .anime girl. .black and white. .blushing