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Erkunde Schwerin 23, Panzerkorps und noch mehr!

General of Panzer Troops Hasso von Manteuffel was one of the most strategically gifted German general officers during WW2. As a colonel on the Eastern Front he led his men within 50 miles of Moscow. He also fought in North Africa and during the Ardennes Offensive. In March 1945, commanding the 3rd Panzer Army, he succeeded in reaching the British lines and saved 300,000 soldiers from Soviet captivity. Postwar, he was involved in politics and visited the US as an official guest. Died 1978.

Oberstleutnant der Reserve Albert Graf von der Goltz wearing monocle after receiving Eichenlaub #316 as Kommandeur of Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 144. Eichenlaubträger, Heer Oberst, Ritterkreuzträger

Generaloberst Adolf Strauß (6 September 1879 – 20 March 1973) For health reasons, he stepped down from command on 16 January 1943. After his recovery, he was appointed as Commandant of the Fortified Eastern area. Held in British captivity until being released in May 1949. Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 27 October 1939 as General der Infanterie and commanding general of the II. Armeekorps

In February 1943, the Brandenburg Regiment was withdrawn from the Eastern front and moved back to Germany. The Regiment was being expanded to become a division. The first commander of the new Brandenburg Division was Generalmajor Alexander von Pfuhlstein. The division was to be formed by four regiments. One regiment was returned to the Eastern front, to resume duties as a "fire brigade", and a battalion was sent to North Africa to continue harassing the Allies in the Mediterranean.

Extermination commando Einsatzgruppe B commander Arthur Nebe, SS Gruppenführer, SD senior officer, and specialist in killing mental patients and other "unfit" victims. He was implicated in the assassination attempt on Hitler's life in July 1944 and was arrested and executed in 1945.

Günther Adolf Ferdinand “Hans” von Kluge (30 October 1882 – 17 August 1944) was a German military leader who served in World War I and World War II. Although Kluge was not an active conspirator in the 20 July plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, his nephew was, and Kluge himself was previously involved with the German military resistance.

Hans Oster (9 August 1887 – 9 April 1945) was a German Army general, an opponent of Adolf Hitler and Nazism, and a leading figure of the German resistance from 1938 to 1943.

Hans Speidel was a German general during WW2 and the first German senior NATO commander. Speidel, a nationalist and professional soldier, agreed with some aspects of the Nazi policies but was appalled by Germany's racial policies. He took part in the plot to kill Hitler in 1944 and barely escaped death in the hands of the Gestapo. After the war, he returned in the army and was appointed C-in-C of Allied ground forces,Central Europe in 4/1957, a command that he held until retirement in…