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17 Inspirational Things You Can Post Against Your Haters Right Now

Der Countdown läuft, nur noch wenige Stunden und 2013 2014 liegt endlich hinter uns. Für einige war es ein unbeschreiblich tolles Jahr, andere wünschen sich nur dass es bald vorbei…


It's the obstacles that make you stumble that give you the strength to build new paths #fearlessfabulousyou


Quote 01

Hamlet doesn't understand how much her really hurts me inside. Everyone around me, including my own father is telling me that Hamlet is so madly in love with me that it is making him crazy, yet he rips my heart into a million pieces acting as it is nothing. Because I love him, I have to act as though it doesn't bother me but deep down it hurts. If I treated him this way, he would understand.

Very true. Life gives unexpected turns but things always turn out for a reason and its always a good one