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Tara Novalia - Art und Design: Einblick in meine Arbeit

Tara, this is what you need to keep the squirrels away...

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Pirate parrots t shirt. Ahoy matey! Join the fun pirate parrot crews as they party on the white sand beach, drinking, laughing and singing. The parrots are a scarlet macaw, a cockatiel with pirate eye patch, quaker, black-masked lovebird as the pirate captain with a sword, peach-faced lovebird with a bandana and a sun conure sleeping on gold coins. #parrotcartoon #pirateparrot #piratecaptain #funnyparrots #talklikeapirateday #piratessing #drunkpirates #piratetreasure #pirateisland…

Thoronia. The sylvan elves of Thoronia are closer relatives to the Alteri elves, and thus use more creative and advanced Magic to form their homes, whereas the Sylvans of Vælen use more nature-manipulating Magic to reshape what is already there. This makes Thoronia more mystical-looking and Vælen more woodland.

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