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Jeremy de Aviación de la ciudad de Nueva York capturó este tiro increíble sobre nuestro Boeing 777-300ER del Valor de Dallas/Fortaleza a Londres.

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South Thai Cuisine I take this photo while at Krabi Thailand. Despite no hungry I saw it and order it for take the photo and taste it. It seem the photo help me preserve what I taste too. I recall the time whole family hanging at Krabi airport wait for the airplane. It is relative much smaller scale compare with Phuket less shopping facility and have a food court so be it take the opportunity to taste more local food. Tag #travel #traveller keep #traveling #traveltheworld for…

110v Charger for SYMA Mini Helicopters S107 S105 S009 and others:

Despite the “elite” tag and the presence of some very experienced airmen – e.g. the two flight commanders, Sqn Ldrs Dinghy’ Young and ‘Henry Maudslay, and experienced pilots such as Dave Shannon, ‘Hoppy’ Hopgood, Les Knight and Joe McCarthy - NOT all 617 Sqn air crew were veterans. Some had flown fewer than 10 missions and one less than 5 and some of the flight engineers on the raid were flying their first operational sortie.

More is more (more or less) - Sydney Graphic Design and Branding: Boheem in Surry Hills

The Aviationist » Stunning Photos Show the F-22 Raptor training with the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale in the U.S.