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Black and white weevil (frontal) | Another studio stack from… | Flickr

Fake stinger | Another typical beetle from wet banks along p… | Flickr

Blue moth | Small bluish moth (Adscita statices or A. Mannii… | Flickr

Firefly / หิ่งห้อย | Fireflies or Lightning bugs Order - Col… | Flickr

桑天牛 | 檔名File name: 桑天牛 G﹝CERA00028﹞ 學名 Scientific Name:Aprio… | Flickr

Pink Leaf beetle / ด้วงเต่าสีชมพู | Order - Coleoptera Subor… | Flickr

Slender carabid | A very slender & colorful beetle (just 7mm… | Flickr

Scarites | A carabid beetle from dry dense forests of Niaoul… | Flickr