Erkunde Baumhaus, Wohnung Oben und noch mehr!

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Luxury Yellow Tree House Resort Oregon #Baumhaus Wald Wohnung oben in den Bäumen. #Odenwald #Vila #Holz

Tree house in Sweden: "Mirror Cube Hotel".

I love the wrap around stairs to a tree house

FREE SPIRIT SPHERES British Columbia Get this: You can actually RENT these FREE SPIRIT SPHERES About $44,700 to buy and install; $134 for one-night rental Looking like something out of an Ewok village in Return of the Jedi?? These thingies were built to be sanctums for meditation. most hang from at least three trees, and may include power, sound, and telephone wiring, as well as a sink. they also rents out his spheres on a per-night basis.

tree house in Berlin

treehouse patio

baumraum | Winding Snake

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