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Wooden path through the swamps of Les Hautes Fagnes, Belgium

This pillar, called the Boulté, is an old road indicator dating from 1566. Crossing the swamps on foot was a dangerous under-taking. It was especially difficult to orient oneself on the vast swamp plain, certainly during winter when the whole bog land was covered with a carpet of snow. The 4,50m high pillar was often a lifesaving landmark for lost travelers or a confirmation for those who had followed the right path ~ Hautes Fagnes, Belgium

Hautes Fagnes, typical landscape of the North of Europe. Seems like toundra in Scandinavia.

"It’s really great to hike through these lonely and vast desolate swamps, far away from internet, e-mail and mobile phone." Location : Les Potales (in the vicinity of Baraque Michel), nature reserve Hautes Fagnes, Belgium

Double rainbow in the National Reserve Park of the Hautes Fagnes in Belgium

None of the trees was planted by man, but emerged from seeds carried by the wind. Location : Les Wez (in the vicinity of Baraque Michel), Les Hautes Fagnes, Belgium

Full moon in daylight and a damaged tree by fire in the Hautes Fagnes region of Belgium

Sunset over the swamp ~ The Start, of this intriguing natural phenomenon. Location : Brackvenn, National Park Hautes Fagnes, Belgium