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Erkunde Uniformen Der, Kopfbedeckungen und noch mehr!

Axis leaders - Alfred Josef Ferdinand Jodl (10 May 1890 – 16 October 1946) was a German military commander, attaining the position of Chief of the Operations Staff of the Armed Forces High Command (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, or OKW) during World War II, acting as deputy to Wilhelm Keitel, and signed the unconditional surrender of Germany as a representative for German president Karl Dönitz. At Nuremberg he was tried, sentenced to death and hanged as a war criminal.

Star of the Hungarian Order of St. Stephen's, 1789. diamond emerald brooch hungary royals star

Napoleon Bonaparte said " I have made the most wonderful discovery, I have discovered men will risk their lives, even die, for ribbons!" Napoleon's quote, "{M}en will also die to avoid having their ribbons taken away." I don't care much for medals or ribbons given by an institution, Bonaparte knew how to use them to his advantage.

Me-262 "Mistel" (Mistletoe), a flying-bomb version of the Me-262 with no cockpit, a warhead in the nose, and a simple autopilot system. The flying bomb was to be controlled by a piloted Me-262 attached to a frame on top, with the whole clumsy assembly taking off on a big trolley that was dropped after take-off. The piloted Me-262 would release the flying bomb after pointing it at a target.

1941, Union Soviétique, Viazma, Légionnaires français de la LVF et leur "Erstes Modell der Legionsfahne 1941-1943" |

Messerschmitt Me 264 – “Amerika” Bomber, 1942 The Messerschmitt Me 264 was designed from the beginning as part of the “Amerika bomber” project. It’s goal was to be able to carry a small load to the United States but also to support U-boat operations far into the Atlantic.

Le "SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Schutzpolizei" Artur Mülverstedt, commandant de la 4. SS-Polizei-Panzergrenadier-Division

the early WWII German rocket plane - Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet

Ро́за Его́ровна Ша́нина (Roza Shanina) WWII soviet sniper, 54 confirmed kills, died in battle