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Erkunde Sturmgewehr 44, Zielfernrohr und noch mehr!


Leserfrage: Warum wollte Hitler das beste Gewehr nicht?

Ein deutscher Infanterist hält ein Sturmgewehr 44 mit Zielfernrohr im Anschlag.

Rangers with captured Nazi flag - location unknown, probably 1943-44.

.British Soldiers Captured in Normandy.Normandy, France -- According to the German caption accompanying this photo received in London from a neutral source, these men are British soldiers who have been captured by the Germans in Normandy..Credit: ACME.Date: 8-1-44

Victory Girl, 1944, color ad image. #vintage #1940s #WW2 #patriotism

Russian women and children recently liberated from a German concentration camp lay flowers at the bodies of 4 dead American soldiers. Russian eye witnesses reported the Americans were slain by German officers after they surrendered - Hilden, Germany, 1945.

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General Ulysses S. Grant (center of bench beside tree) on eve of Siege of Petersburg VA, 1864.

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WWII gift to Hitler.

DEATH SENTENCE ....Modeled on Nuremberg, an International military tribunal in Tokyo tried 25 Japanese leaders for war crimes. It sentenced 7 to death, including General Hideki Tojo, 61, who as prime minister had authorized the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some 900 of the countrymen were also executed by the Allies for mistreating prisoners and for other atrocities.

Calvin Graham was the youngest U.S. serviceman, he lied about his age and enlisted in the Navy at age 12 in 1942, it wasn’t until after he was wounded that his real age was discovered. | 10 Interesting Facts About World War II That You Might Not Know