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True fact. I once told an anesthesiologist this prior to being put under. He laughed at me. When I awoke, he told me that I came to half way through the surgery & he had to give me more anesthesia. Ha--told ya so!

25 Fakten, die man nicht glauben wird

Wir haben wieder für euch 25 Fakten, die man nicht glauben wird. Unglaubliche Fakten und unnützes Wissen findet ihr hier für euch.

Redhead Quote––How to be a Redhead

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You

It takes a special kind of stupid to piss off a redhead and expect calm. Redheads, Gingers, Red hair.

11 Reads Why You Should Be #Thankful To Be A #Redhead | How to be a Redhead

It doesn't mention that regardless of what kind of lighting you're in for said photo, you will ALWAYS have to edit out the red-eyes!