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Erkunde Skulptur, Ich Mag Kunst und noch mehr!

Ryota Aoki Pottery Lava glaze

Josh Herman, Sculpture H 22in W 22in D 20in

Skúlptúr. Hólmfríður Vídalín Arngríms. Woop Woop, tengdamamma komin með eitthvað af verkunum sínum á Pinterest ;)

LOTUS is the name of a type of Waterlily, long considered a sacred symbol in much of Asia. Several Hindu goddesses are associated with the LOTUS, including Laksmi, goddess of wealth, and Sarasvati, goddess of wisdom and music. In addition, the famous Lotus Sutra of the Buddha is named after this plant. Because the LOTUS grows in water, it is associated with the watery magic of the Moon and of Venus; it is used for love, its many seeds also symbolizing fertility. Furthermore, because a magic…

Joakim Ojanen, The Bries Space, Antwerp 2015

The Curved House by Louise Bourgeois