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Erkunde Oberfeldwebel Zugführer, Ritterkreuz und noch mehr!

✠ Helmut Thierfelder (April 10, 1914 - February 10, 1994) RK 02.09.1944 Oberfeldwebel Zugführer i. d. 6./Pz.Gren.Rgt 33 4. Panzer-Division

✠ Albert Gaum (October 15th, 1920 - July 19th, 1977) RK 13.06.1941 Hauptmann Chef 11./Geb.Jäg.Rgt 100 5. Gebirgs – Division

Generalmajor Adelbert Schulz (20 December 1903 – 28 January 1944) Knight's Cross on 29 September 1940 as Hauptmann and chief of the 1./Panzer-Regiment 25; 47th Oak Leaves on 31 December 1941 as Hauptmann and commander of the I./Panzer-Regiment 25; 33rd Swords on 6 August 1943 as Oberstleutnant and commander of the Panzer-Regiment 25; 9th Diamonds on 14 December 1943 as Oberst and commander of the Panzer-Regiment 25

Generalmajor Willy Langkeit --- Kommandeur Panzer Regiment 36 -

Karl-Heinz Oesterwitz. In October 1940 Oesterwitz was commander of the 7th Company of the Brandenburg Regiment. In April 1941 he took part in the Balkans Campaign and from June 1941 fought on the Eastern front. For the capture of an important bridge in August 1942 at Belorechenskaya during the advance into the Caucasus he was awarded the German Cross in Gold (13 December 1942). While still a first lieutenant, he won the Knight's Cross (30 April 1943) for an action in the West Caucasus.

SS-Oberscharfuhrer Richard Rudolf served with the 12th SS Panzer Division,"Hitlerjugend" He was awarded Knights Cross for outstanding bravery in repelling enemy attacks in Caen sector/Normandy. He knocked out numerous Allied tanks in the fighting. Later fought in Ardennes Offensive. Also received German Cross in Gold.

Oberstleutnant der Reserve Albert Graf von der Goltz wearing monocle after receiving Eichenlaub #316 as Kommandeur of Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 144. Eichenlaubträger, Heer Oberst, Ritterkreuzträger

■ Generaloberst Eduard Dietl

✠ Gordon Gollob (16 June 1912 – 8 September 1987)

■ Generaloberst Dr. jur. Lothar Rendulic (1887-1971) - Oberbefehlshaber 20.Gebirgsarmee. Recipient of the Knight's Cross with Oakleaves and Swords.