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Erkunde Du Und Ich, Fotografie und noch mehr!

The woman behind the iconic bust - Nefertiti reconstructed in digital 3D by Sven Geruschkat, who says, 'Nefertiti lived was the wife of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). She was co-regent, bore 6 daughters and died at 35. Her name roughly translates to "the beautiful (or perfect) one has arrived". This model was done with 3dsmax, Mudbox, Mental Ray and Photoshop. I certainly lost my vision during the creation. So, you have to judge..."

Weihnachten ist nah auch Schneemann und Elch sind Schneemann verlor seine Nase! Elch hatte Hunger will Nase fressen (mohrübe) echt lustig kugt euch das an!!!!!!!!!

There might be more of these to come if I get the time! Merry Christmas!! ★ Find more at

“I am so afraid to lose you.” “As well as I.” “Let me fight with you.” “But Mary—” “I am a Queen. The people won't move if their leader just sits on her throne all day watching Charon’s boat full of the souls whom just died and I didn't know of.”

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