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Hand drawn science beautiful vintage lab icons sketch set . Vector illustration.Back to School. Doodle lab equipment. Note book page paper.Biology geology alchemy chemistry, magic. tattoo elements.

Quadrat falten, dann Dreieck falten, rechte ecke der Hypotenuse mittig zur Kathete falten (oben kleines 3eck), umdrehen, andere ecke der hypotenuse rüberfalten

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The Chemistry of Wine: To complement the ongoing food chemistry posts, this supplementary series is going to be looking at the key chemicals (or families of chemicals) that give alcoholic drinks their characteristics.

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Schemochromes: the physics of structural plumage colors

I love talking about the electromagnetic spectrum. There is so much more to it than visible light... and electromagnetic radiation is so darned useful.

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A Helpful Chart That Explains the Chemicals That Give Autumn Leaves Their Color

A helpful chart by Compound Interest explains the chemicals that give leaves their color both when they are green and when they change color in autumn. Leaves are green because of chlorophyll, yell...

Chemical Reactions + A Tentacle Beast