Erkunde Treibt, Freude und noch mehr!

Es ist ein Moment der die Tränen der Freude in die Augen treibt.....

Artefakt Demigod at Resch Wind Our special boy

My beautiful greyhound Bella, she loves to pose for pictures! Collar by me:

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He's waiting for his loggage

Sasuke and Sakura. the first time he took her with him, she slipped on mud and he tried to catch her and slipped with her. there was an awkward silence in which they both got up, she took one look at his face and started laughing, and he joined her soon after. this is what this painting says to me.

Goliath - Peekaboo! Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

23 Teachers Who Have A Great Sense Of Humor

My queen of Resch Wind.......

Little Amicella and her big friend :-)

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