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Erkunde Schweiz, Abteilung und noch mehr!

SWITZERLAND: Didier Burkhalter, head of the Department of Foreign Affairs since Novermber 1, 2009.

MALAYSIA: Anifah Aman, Minister of Foreign Affairs since April 10, 2009.

AZERBAIJAN: Araz Azimov. Deputy MFA since 1994. Majored in Persian language and studies.Upon graduation, he worked at the Foreign Service department of the Azerbaijan State Teleradio Company. In addition to his native tongue Azerbaijani, he speaks fluent English, Russian, Persian and Turkish. Received attention in the American media in 2011 in a Forbes magazine article. He is quoted in the article as saying “Armenia is interested in war, more so than Azerbaijan. [Armenia wants] … Karabakh.

ARMENIA: Eduard Nalbandyan. Since 4/14/2008. Posted in Egypt from 1992-1998, first as charge d'affaires and then as Amb. He was then appointed as Amb. to France in 1999; while holding this post, he concurrently served as Amb. to Vatican City, Israel, and Andorra. Took office as MFA when Serzh Sargsyan took office as Pres. Allegedly he has stated recently that while Armenia is willing to move forward on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, Azerbaijan often rejects the proposals put forth by others.

CHINA: Wang Yi. Foreign Minister since Mar 16, 2013. In December 1977, Wang enrolled in the department of Asian and African Languages of Beijing International Studies University (BISU). He studied the Japanese language at the institution, graduating in February 1982 with a Bachelor's degree. Wang made a historic trip to the Middle East in December 2013 to visit Israel and the Palestinian National Authority.

TURKEY: Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. MFA since 8/29/2014. A founding member of the AKP. Studied IR. In 11/2009, he met the FM of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, related to a report the Assembly was preparing on the Soviet famine of 1932–33. Criticized by Hurriyet, b/c of his intervention in a 2014 election. When an opp. candidate was ahead, he visited the courthouse interrupting the counting process. It was claimed that votes not yet counted were from suburbs where the opp. had more supporters.

BRAZIL: Luiz Alberto Figueiredo, Minister of External Relations since August 28, 2013. Has yet to speak publicly on Crimea.

Mehdi's Morning Memo: So Close, Yet So Far

FRANCE: Laurent Fabius: FM since 16 May 2012. Previously he served as PM of France from 17 Jul 1984-20 Mar 1986. Most recently, during E3+3 (aka P5+1) negotiations on Iran and its nuclear program, Fabius insisted that Iran should halt construction of the Arak plutonium facility, which led to a short delay in Nov 2014. But, although several media reports indicated that Washington was frustrated with Fabius, the Obama administration quickly adopted the French position as its own. Source…

BELARUS: Vladimir Makey aka Uladzimir Makei. Minister of Foreign Affairs since August 20, 2012. Served in the Armed Forces of the USSR and in the Armed Forces of Belarus after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Source: Wikipedia. In Lukashenko’s environment, Vladimir Makei is considered a “dove” as opposed to numerous “hawks” because he stands for good relations with the West, especially Germany, due to his close links to German intellectuals and business persons. Source: Belarus in…

ROMANIA: Titus Corlățean, Minister of Foreign Affairs since August 6, 2012. Believes that the EU must prepare to adopt additional sanctions on the Russian Federation if the latter does not actively contribute to the de-escalation of tension in Ukraine. Source: Act Media.