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Erkunde Richtung Mittelmeer, Seemeilen und noch mehr!

The Needles! 800 Seemeilen in Richtung Mittelmeer ! 800 Seemeilen oder knapp 1500 km sind wir in den letzten Wochen unserem nächsten Ziel Portugal schon näher gekommen.

Last day on the dock preparing for the big departures....

Praia da Rocha beach....There are never any clouds! Always perfect blue skies that go on for ever!

Yeah! Captain on board. SY Victoria back in the water. Time for massive sundowners. First night on Board.

Waiting for my crew! Almost ready to go. #Worththewait #Werock #Headingsouth #Exploremore #Fingerscrossed

Crossing the Bay of Biscay. It's done!!!

Sunrise (Biscay bay crossing)

From France to Spain! ( Biscay Bay)