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Erkunde 25 Leute, Wissen und noch mehr!


In the summer of 1982, children playing on a rope-swing beside Mill Lane noticed human bones in the hollow scoured out by their feet. The Police were initially called, who in turn called in the archaeologists. The bones were those of a woman aged between 25 and 35, who had been buried with some of her personal possessions, including a bronze brooch (right) and a necklace of glass and amber beads. These finds were dated to the 6th century AD. An Anglo-Saxon burial had been discovered.

Unlikely simultaneous historical events

Eat your heart out, Mr Health and Safety: Images from a more innocent age

Date unknown Riders swap roles with their mounts to quench their thirst

This particular coffin would be perfect for four types of people: people who like things to be interesting, people who love mythical creatures, people who love the sea, and people who love art. It could also be an alternative way to be buried for those who want to be “buried at sea”


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Before Disaster Strikes Wedding Photograph

In the old days they use to take pictures of their loved ones, after they passed on…… Dead People for the memory. They’re all dead. Amazingly, they look alive.