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REBLOG - Zodiac Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn. For much more on the zodiac signs, click here.

Never stop showing someone how much they mean to you. Life is to short, not to!

Virgo In Love. For more information on the zodiac signs, click here.

Die Ruhe des Himalaya’s

I rather like this reminder.

I'm def not insecure but I def need a partner who loves me unconditionally 100% - who doesn't want that though

"We're not alone in this. Every type of loving relationship deals with this shit. It's natural to take advantage and take for granted of the ones we love most. We have to recognize it and make sure we don't do it. Although it's a subconscious thing. I don't think there is control. The best we can do is make sure to make an effort to tell others we appreciate them."

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Life. Be the woman you want your children to grow up to be. Be the person other people say good things about

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