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Erkunde Messing, 5 Cm und noch mehr!

Räucherstövchen - Messing

A guy who visits my co-worker for haircuts is a self made MULTI millionaire, and every time he comes in I ask him for quick business advice. One time he asked me if I wanted to know how to make $100 an hour, and when I replied (with the obvious) "yeah, how?" He said "don't do anything that isn't worth $100 an hour. When I first heard this I thought he was messing with me. It sounded like a joke. At the time I was doing $25 haircuts twice an hour but I also offered $15 clean ups because it…

AWW KACIAN MY SEHUN. *pelorotin celananya Chanyoel* Chanyoel *i will kill you* NYAAW MAKNAE♡♡

A lapis I designed, it didn't turn out like how I wanted to but messing up is part of learning so whatever (if your going to use my designs please credit me ) btw she has curly hair but the blue is darker than the lineart so you can't tell

Ta da! Ok, it took a little longer than I thought, but that's only because I was messing around with the block layout for ages. That's the great thing about this #improv technique, the possibilities are endless. Want to learn to make a quilt like this? Come along to #glampstitchalot in November where I'll be teaching. My fellow teachers are awesome and will be sharing their own improve sewing secrets too. It's going to be so much fun! Visit @pinkcastlefabrics for all the quick…

A. K. Mitchell posted a photo: Copyright © 2016 Amy Mitchell. All rights reserved. The concept of Flow came to mind while working on this image, hence the title :-) (psychology) This is a nature abstract created with intentional camera movement - native grasses in the foreground and douglas firs in the background. I took it in March and then kept it around for months and months. There was something about it that I liked but the editing was eluding me. A few…

The little Maknae trying to "hurt" his Hyung and Chanyeol looks at him like seriously????

New R.I.P bullet dubbed the last round you will ever need is launched

I want these rounds for my self-defense gun

let's hope she cleaned her teeth HOLY SHIT I JUST WANTED TO WAKE UP TO A CUPPA TEA AND COOKIES BUT AH. I've decided that I'm not gonna assume anything, like they haven't actually confirmed it. They could be messing around or it could be a friend thing, I think we shouldn't call them a couple UNTIL they've actually said they are. I feel bad assuming now lol #ramimalek #mrrobot #elliotalderson

I would love to get a gun safe just like this one. I really don't want my son messing with my guns, and I don't really know where to put them to keep them away from him. This would also be really useful for putting important documents in.