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Ice Bucket Challenge, Bill Gates [Video]...

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"Gay Christians: Should Relationships Matter?" The author of this article has tried to argue from Scripture about Jesus changing his mind on homosexuality. He seems to be earnest in his study, but it is evident that he is looking for anything in Scripture to justify his bias. As his commenters below challenge him, his responses are not concrete but more like trying to nail jello to a wall. I'm Pinning this because it is helpful to see how people are interpreting Scripture on this topic.

Gerard - Höhe fallen | N E U E W E L T | (Deep Dream) - YouTube

What's the Commandant talking about when he says Marines need to be 'spiritually' fit?

Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller told Leathernecks they have to be as in shape spiritually as they do physically. But religious watchdogs are leery.

This week in Congress, Democrat Senators blocked an anti-human trafficking bill because it doesn’t publicly fund abortions. Read that again. Pro-abortion...

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Confused about voting in or out? watch this short animated movie to explain all you need to know about BREXIT Brexit: The (animated) Movie