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Erkunde Sylvie, Helene Treville und noch mehr!

The Musketeers series 3x8. Athos cuts Sylvie free. Milady what do you make of…

The Musketeers series 3x10. Grimaud sends a message and a dead refugee woman to Athos, Porthos and Aramis. He has Sylvie. BBC

The Musketeers series 3x10. Sylvie, Athos. 'What lies ahead of us' asks Sylvie. 'It really doesn't matter' replies Athos. BBC

The Musketeers series 3x6. Athos chooses duty over Sylvie! BBC/Dusan Martincek.

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The Musketeers series 3x§0. Grimaud doesn't know D'Artagnan is alive. Porthos comes up with a plan to rescue Sylvie. BBC

Athos and Sylvie. The Musketeers