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"Are you crazy?" "Does anyone ever say yes to that question?"

'we'll see each other again I promise' has an all newmeaning after the episodes... Tissues, tissues are needed

GUARD: "By the right of the Council. By the will of the Force. Kanan Jarrus, you may rise." ~ Kanan is now a Jedi Knight!

Personal favorite drawing! The thing is I see these everywhere now, and I feel so bad for them both!

Somehow the lines that stuck with me the most from the finale are Kanan’s “It’s over. It’s over”. So much emotion. Freddie Prinze Jr. kills me.

von GeekTyrant

Spectacular Millennium Falcon Illustration By Paul Johnson

A nave estelar conhecida como Millennium Falcon, projetada por George Lucas para…

Kanan and Ahsoka, they would have a really cute relationship

Kanan and Rey---This. Aaaaaaah! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! It's just soooooo............ no, I can't express how much I love this. It's impossible. (Kanan would have to be older, wouldn't he? Anyway, this is awesome.)