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3 things I’ve learned so far this year

We don't need to change everything; also, we really need stuff to look forward to.


Beating the Sunday night blues

Do you get the Sunday night blues? Feeling like you have to get everything done for the week ahead? Me too - here's what I'm doing about it.


How I serve my family right now (delicious frozen dinners made in a factory)

There are a lot of ways to serve our families, so let's not beat ourselves up so much, OK?


Making the most of The Golden Hour

How you spend the first hour of your day can set the tone for everything to come. So how are you spending your Golden Hour?


Do you need a (homeschool) full stop?

The thing is, you’ve probably noticed, that homeschooling and parenting and homemaking are not easy ventures. They don’t stop because it’s Friday night. We don’t get to quit like Fred Flintstone when the toucan roars.