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Erkunde Ohne Titel, Barfuß und noch mehr!

Kevlar socks. Good for barefoot running or walking. But...pricey though.

Wim Wenders, Ohne Titel (aus der Serie: Written in the West), 1983, Auktion 1050 Photographie, Lot 171 #wimwenders #lempertz #cocacola #america #photography

'Still Life', 1940 - Paul Klee | In 1933, the Nazis declared Klee's art as "degenerate". In his fifties he was afflicted by scleraderma, a crippling disease. Both the political landscape in Germany and the illness weighed on him. He died at the age of 60. His late works, characterized by heavy black lines, are often reflections on death and war, but his last painting, ‘Still Life’ is a serene summation of his life's concerns as a creator.

Damian Michaels: Farbige Zeichnung ohne Titel, auf der Rückseite eines verwendeten Briefumschlags von 1933

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Green Barefoot Sandals, Nude shoes, Foot jewelry, Wedding, Victorian Lace, Sexy, Lolita, Yoga, Anklet

Barefoot sandals. . . a great way to be pretty without having to actually wear shoes

It’s not hard surfaces that result in running injuries, it’s how your foot strikes the ground that determines impact and injury. Forefoot runners can run virtually anywhere without having to experience physical trauma as heel strikers do

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Why Can't Someone Tell Me What I CAN Eat?

Cucumber Lime Refresh (from the Yoga Body Cleanse) 1 Inch Fresh Ginger 2 Stalks Celery 1/2 Bunch Parsley 1/2 Cucumber 3 Green Apples 1/2 Lemon (peel on) 1 Lime (peel on) (1) Chop all ingredients and run through a juice extractor, or, alternatively, process them in a Vitamix or Blender and strain out the pulp. (2) Add water to taste (sparkling is nice) and serve over ice. (3) Next, whatever you do, DON'T enjoy this recipe. You CAN'T have it. It's NOT for you. …you kind of want…