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Erkunde 2030, Die Zukunft und noch mehr!

The use of sensors will grow 700,000% by 2030

Crowd funding will grow 200,000% from 2015 to 2030

Generation Z wants to be engaged by real people, and because of this desire, they are more likely to visit YouTube than any other social site.

3D printing usage will grow 2,000% from 2015 to 2030

“Businesses are no longer the sole creator of a brand

Private and commercial robot usage will grow 2,000% from 2015 to 2030

90% of data from the Internet of Things will be hosted in the cloud within 5 years, reducing the complexity of supporting IoT "data blending"

Uber and AirBnB are just the start. The sharing economy will grow 3,000% from 2015 to 2030

77% of Gen Z believe they will need to work harder than past generations, and 71% expect to experience significant failure before achieving success.

By 2030, 10% of the largest companies in the U.S. will be virtual corporations