Erkunde Dolly Ist, Victoriana Dolly und noch mehr!

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Ama♥ ロリータ, sweet lolita, fairy kei, decora, lolita, loli, gothic lolita, pastel goth, kawaii, fashion, victorian, rococo, wa-lolita♥

This is for ‘ieatchias’, it’s a boy dressed in dolly kei. This is so cute, and you so rarely see a boy dressed in dolly kei, so for ‘ieatchias’ and all the other gents, this is how you wear dolly kei!

Color combo on the left is interesting. Not something I'd think of, but I like it.

Gorgeous! So pretty look at the print and the underbust and the blouse....everything about...

little bird, my sir edward borrowed one of my robes for...

this is probably cheaply made.. but i'd like to wear something like this in the summer.

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