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Erkunde Pinterest App, Liam Harry und noch mehr!

omg look at them!! Zayn (as Louis), Niall (as Harry), Louis (as Liam), Harry (as Zayn), and Liam (as Niall) (:

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Harry, Niall and Louis

I'm so proud of Niall for writing five songs. Im sure he really enjoyed being able to do that. But the fact that he gave himself fewer solos than the rest of the boys, just shows how humble he is. I would like to say management had something to do with it, and who knows they might have, but I just hope that niall knows that all of the fans love niall's voice just as much as the other boys' :'(((

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Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall at the Marvel offices!

I nominate myself to be harry's girlfriend. Done, done and D O N E :)

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Hazza,Liam,Louis,zayn,& niall what's so hard about that??!?