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Erkunde Schwanger Woche, Woche 2 und noch mehr!

Schwanger woche 2

After switching to cloth diapers I ran the numbers to show how much money I am saving and I was shocked!

Living a Napmare: Is a Nap Transition Approaching for Your Twins

Does this sound familiar? my babies need two naps, or three, or four? ...can my babies survive the day on only one nap? Help!!! Somebody please wave a magic wand and tell me what the heck I am supposed to do to get through a nap transition, how many naps my babies really need and when to cut out naps! This is the post for you!

Wordless picture books still have a lot of story in 'em. Here are our favorite children's books without words. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Eight thoughts that crossed my mind when I was giving birth

What are the craziest thoughts you've had when you were giving birth? Here are mine!

A Christmas Pregnancy Announcement: Dubs Party of 5!

Christmas pregnancy announcement, pregnancy, third baby, baby three, baby announcement, maternity, pregnancy announcement, announcements

I might be a Stay At Home Mom, but my kids ride the bus.

The Button Slide – A Fine Motor Activity


Pregnancy Tips- 10 Best Pregnancy Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

10 Best Pregnancy Tips and Tricks