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AKG Anonymous - Erotische Szene / röm.Wandmal. (71,0 x 73,0 cm)

AKG Anonymous - Erotische Szene / röm.Wandmal.

Cherub, Detail From Wall Painting, Pompeii

roman wallpainting- like the muted tones of this and that it's different from the usual prints

Roman Fresco -- Wall painting fragment from the peristyle of the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale -- Late Republican - Circa 50-40 BCE

Charming wall fragment from Pompeii! From the Met.

Bronze Apollo with lyre Pompeii, House of Apollo

*POMPEII, ITALY ~ around 30-50 AD Fragment of wal painting, Bacchus cult scene? (Fragment of mural)

A Magnificent Roman Wall Painting in the Fourth Style Depicting a Garden |