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Erkunde Luftschutz Ist, Ist Selbstschutz und noch mehr!

Yes we can Poster 3R "Air raid protection is self protection" (orig. German: "Luftschutz ist Selbstschutz"), 1934

Martin Franz Julius Luther (1895–1945) was an early member of the Nazi Party. He served as an advisor to Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, first in the Dienststelle Ribbentrop ("Ribbentrop Bureau"), and later in the Auswärtiges Amt ("Foreign Office") as a diplomat when von Ribbentrop replaced Konstantin von Neurath. He is perhaps most remembered for having participated in the infamous Wannsee Conference, in which the Final Solution was planned.

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The UN bookstore right below the Human Rights Council is selling "How I Stopped Being a Jew"

Actress Jane Fonda is shown in a Nov. 3, 1970 police mugshot after she was arrested for assault and battery in Cleveland, Ohio after she allegedly kicked a cop.

ORLEY, Bernaert van (b. 1491/92, Bruxelles, d. 1542, Bruxelles) Click! Triptych of Virtue of Patience 1521 Oil on oak, 176 x 184 cm (centre), 174 x 80 cm (each wing) Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels The triptych, which was very likely commissioned by Margaret of Austria, the governor of the Low Countries, depicts two biblical episodes illustrating the virtues of patience: the Book of Job and the parable of Lazarus the beggar and the rich man. Since the Middle Ages it had been…

11/10/15 - Obama Calls This Job Killing Policy "A MAJOR Accomplishment !!!". . BLOCKING the Keystone XL Pipeline. . . Americans should be outraged...

Nazi Germany celebrated the greatest Nazi+Fascistic date...1st of May "DAY OF WORKERS" or "DAY OF THE WORK"...literally same date with identical "philosophy" with same hellish tools in every ray of life and dimension...100% like Communists...this is propaganda card of Hitler`s "new visions" for the World

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Poll: Voters say Obama has made America weaker