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Erkunde Zink, Infantry Badge und noch mehr!

Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge A Silver Grade Infantry Badge - In zinc alloy, silvered, unmarked, 63,33 x 47,49 mm, vertical pinback.

Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruiser badge by Schwerin Berlin. Second pattern with aluminum globe and zink eagle and wreath. Schwerin Berlin marked on reverse displays single attachment rivet.

Made a chart of the prestige emblems. Which is your favorite? I ...

Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet Badge by Schwerin, Berlin. This early period tombak badge displays the excellent quality of Schwerin. The badge shows wear to the finish giving it a fine age patina. The reverse displays standard Schwerin construction in the hinge and catch assemblies along with the maker's name.

Kriegsmarine Minesweeper badge with early fire gilt finish. Reverse is marked Schwerin.

Lot # : 308a - WWII German Kriegsmarine Minesweepers Badge

Army / Waffen SS Panzer Assault Badge in silver for 25 engagements by JFS This excellent example displays much of its original frosted along the wreath and darkened Wehrmacht eagle above bayonet and stick grenade. The 25 engagement front plate is separately attached. The reverse displays the wide pin, crimped hinge assembly and recessed 'C" catch.

Kriegsmarine Minesweeper badge. Excellent early war example.