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Sometimes architecture takes on forms unearthed from the unexpected, venturing into uncharted territory to present something truly unique and special. The Southern Highlands House by Benn + Penna Architecture should be viewed first as one of these instances, and second as a carefully crafted architectural object that does almost everything right. Convention was dropped off …

Silent World

Die Serie ‘Silent World’ von Lucie and Simon zeigt einige der größten Metropolen der Welt wie zum Beispiel New York, Peking, Paris oder Rom als völlig ausgestorbene, leere Orte. Die Fotografen wollen den Betrachter auffordern die Bedeutung von Zeit und Raum zu hinterfragen und unsere Rolle im Weltgeschehen zu überdenken.

Balkonbar (Balcony Bar) it!

The Lilypad is a self-sustaining city that can travel the world’s oceans and rescue refugees from disasters and rising sea levels. They are powered thermal, tidal, solar and wind energy and house up to a half-million people each.

Singende Praternutten

I would love to see this in real life!

Franchising Neighborhoods: Can IKEA Sell Urban Design?

Ikea Urban Design article

Austrian Werkbund House - Google Search

What life looks like inside the world's narrowest house

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