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Erkunde Donald O'Connor, Jersey und noch mehr!

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In other words - TRUMP & to a lesser but still culpable extent, the Republicans.

von The Huffington Post

Why I Do Not Want to Grow Up In Donald Trump's America

Why I Do Not Want to Grow Up In Donald Trumps America

Trump & the GOP cater to the wealthy (of course Trump does, he's one of them) & trickle down economics haven't ever worked, even way back when they were invented by businessman Republican president Herbert Hoover at the advent of the Great Depression, which also happened under a Republican administration with Republican economic policies. Hoover also instituted trade policies eerily similar to Trump's, which led to retaliatory tariffs, increased price on goods, all out trade wars with all…

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4% of Americans are millionaires, but today over 50% of congressional members are millionaires.

von CNN

Heidi Klum responds to Donald Trump -

How Heidi Klum responded when Donald Trump said she's no longer a 10 the :)

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