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Erkunde Moderner Emaillierter, Griechisch 3 und noch mehr!

KHM Bilddatenbank — KHM Bilddatenbank. Gemme: Kauernde Frau beim Entkleiden Griechisch, 3. Drittel 5. Jh. v. Chr. Sard, gelb. In moderner, emaillierter Fassung als Ring. H. 2,10 cm, B. 1,32 cm, D. 0,37 cm

Ring adorned with a cameo depicting a satyr and nymph. Gold, carnelian, onyx. Approx. 50 BC - 20 CE. Weight 10.08 g, with a cameo 3,25 × 2,27 cm. Berlin State Museums, Old Museum.

Pair of golden earrings with a cameo made of layered agate showing a gorgoneion. Roman, 2nd - 3rd century A.D.

An ancient Roman carnelian gem depicting the god Bacchus holding his symbolic attributes, a mask of Silenus and a thyrsus. (Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna)

Carnelian gem set into a modern gold ring. Date: gem 1st century; ring modern. Gem engraved with the image of Pan, who sits on a round object (perhaps a rock or altar) with a beribboned thyrsos resting against his right shoulder. The god contemplates the theatrical mask he holds before him. The mask is cleanshaven, and may represent either a youthful male or a female.

Glyptik ring: Roman portrait busts, ca 4th century AD Gemme: Porträtbüsten Römisch, Frühe Kaiserzeit 4 - 5 n. Chr.

A ROMAN CARNELIAN RING STONE. CIRCA 2ND CENTURY A.D. The convex oval stone engraved with Fortuna, the draped goddess standing on a short groundline, supporting a cornucopia in her right arm, a branch and a ship's rudder in her left; mounted as a ring in a modern gold setting

Gemme: Kopf des Serapis. Griechisch, Hellenistisch 2. Jh. v. Chr. Sard, klar durchscheinend. In moderner Goldfassung.


Red jasper gem engraved with a comic mask conjoined with a bearded face, a lion's head, a raven and an eagle; in the field are a shepherd's crook, caduceus and club of Herakles. Roman 1stC-3rdC