Erkunde Tarot Golden Dawn, Initiationstarot und noch mehr!

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IGD- VII - Der Wagen

Bear* is sacred in many cultures & symbolizes bravery, strength & confidence. Bear is an ancient spirit animal worshipped in many traditions including the Vikings who dressed in bear skins during war to scare enemies. Bear is a powerful totem animal connected to shamans & healers. * One of the 48 cards in the - this is a brief description and not the complete oracle meaning.

The Chariot - Hudes Tarot

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES~Relationship meaning~ A good provider and family man. The knight cards often denote love about to enter your life, someone who is serious minded who enjoys the idea of an old fashioned courtship, is very natural in expressions of love, and is looking for someone with whom he/she can feel comfortable. A relationship with such a person may have a very physical emphasis because the pentacles types enjoy the things of the senses. You will be fortunate in attaining increasing…

VII. The Chariot - Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot by Paul Huson.

The Fool - Tarot of the Pagan Cats - pretty cool contrast in the symbolism of this specific card

IGD- IIII - Der Herrscher

IGD- XIII - Der Tod

XVII. The Star - Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, Robert Wang (1977)

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