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Play is an essential part of early learning. It is the lifeblood of the learning process.

...the teacher's task is first to nourish and assist, to watch, encourage, guide...

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Emotions are the language of childhood. Robert Frost says, “The best way out is through.” I agree. Instead of stopping a child from feeling angry, mad, sad or embarrassed, try getting to the root cause. Work with their emotional intelligence by exploring what’s behind the feelings.

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Happy and Sad Face Sorting

Emotional Intelligence Building Activity for toddlers. Happy and sad face sorting. A really great way to keep your little one busy without a screen

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E is for Empathetic: 10 Ways to Teach Empathy

10 Ways to Teach Kids EMPATHY. Part of the alphabetic "Teaching Kids About Character" series at One Time Through. #alphabetproject #kids

Bambo is a tropical jungle themed learning environment in which a small child with a British-sounding accent teaches early math skills to users. By using this app, your child will learn through play, which is one of the best ways to develop intelligence, logical thinking, concentration, and dexterity. Within this application, your child can choose between five educational games: Shapes, Memory, Subtraction, Addition, and Numeracy

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Reggio Emilia Approach: At Home

It reminds me of Montessori and Malaguzzi’s image of the child. If you believe the child to be inquisitive and creative, competent and capable, intelligent and whole, then you will create environments which reflect this. ‘Children learn most readily and easily in a laboratory-type environment where they can experiment, enjoy and find out things for themselves.’

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