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"Grow your greens. Consumers demand more and more for transparency and information about origin, quality and sustainability in the production chains of their foods. At the same time there is an increasing loss of confidence in the commercial food industries.Moreover, the decentralized cultivation of conventional vegetables and the transportation and packing involved are turning the originally natural good into an environmentally harmful product."

"Windflock is a flexible „add-on“ system made of mini windmills. In low height areas the wind force not sufficiently strong enough to power an usual wind turbine. The small modules require far less windpower and are able to cover the electricity demand of an average household. Advantages: -Integrable into architecture -Individually adjustable -low production, transportation, acquisition and installation costs -360° axle rotation for direct response to wind conditions."

"LeuchtNatur is a German producer of high-quality designer and luxury lighting. The focus when developing every new product is on sustainability, ensuring the creation of extremely robust and energy-efficient lights. We bring contemporary design coupled with natural materials to your living space and conjure up a pleasant and cosy atmosphere with our special wood coverings. "

After 1.Bio - certified Laundry Detergent Planet Pure brought the first organic fabric softeners on the market that has been certified after the strict guidelines Austria Bio Guarantee. Made from pure vegetable raw materials without solvent, chemical surfactants or palm oils makes this laundry-elixir for pleasant soft and fresh laundry, which is also smooth and easier to iron after drying.

Inspired by the storybook circus wagon, the Caravan Crib plays with classic form and contemporary, ultra-bold colors. Thoughtfully considered, the Caravan Crib meets modern parent's needs: Safety (solid construction, stationary sides, conforms to the highest safety standards and 100% visibility of your child from all sides), Green (fully sustainable and made from the highest quality, sustainably harvested, solid European Maple and with 100% non-toxic and/or food safe materials + finishes).

"Einshochzwei are shelves that are flexed from 1 m2 large and 1.5mm thick prefabricated steel plates. Their size exactly correspondents to the dimensions of the Euro-pallet (1200x800mm). An area of one cubic meter (m3) is sufficient for the storage and cost-efficient delivery of 660 shelves. The customer purchases the shelves directly from the pallet and assembles them in no time. Incorrect assembling is not possible due to the simple form.

"Key chain holder made of books. Unique piece, handmade in Hamburg. The solution for books, no one wanted to open up anymore. We close them with 4 hooks for keys, towells, belts and anything else. We get the books from Hamburg book shops, house clearances, customer´s attic books. Also custom made books have been made for medic waiting rooms, publishers and authors. Lockengeloet is the name of a redesign studio in Hamburg.

THIS TOO SHALL PASS Is it reasonable that it takes several years for a milk carton to decompose naturally, when the milk goes sour after a week? This Too Shall Pass is a series of food packages were the packaging has the same short life span as the foods they contain. The package and its content are working in symbiosis. In this project, we asked ourselves how packaging can be made in a near future, with the technology that is available today.

The Emili window automatically controls the luminous flux entering a room based on changes in the surrounding environment. As the temperature increased, the transmittance decreased. This blocked external heat sources and the sun’s infrared light, thereby achieving the desired effect of cooling the inside of the buildings and meeting the objective of reduced air-conditioning power consumption. As the temperature decreased, the transmittance increased.

"A natural fiber compound, ahead of its time. For more than 15 years of research and development Resysta International GmbH has been targeting the establishment of a sustainable and globally uniform material standard. The result: A Natural fiber-Polymer-Composite, that uses a natural waste product (rice husks) to create an alternative to the material wood. Extrudable, long-lasting, requiring low maintenance and 100% recyclable. "

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