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Erkunde Kärnten Pfarrkirche, Licht Metall und noch mehr!

Hl. Christophorus (detail) 1500-1510; Zwickenberg; Österreich; Kärnten; Pfarrkirche

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Barbara von Erlach (nee de Praroman of Freiburg) with daughters modeled (see image to the very bottom right, from the Spiez Shilling). Barbara was the wife of Altschultheiss Rudolf von Erlach, the patron of the Berner Schilling.

1490 ; 1500 ; Kefermarkt ; Österreich ; Oberösterreich ; Pfarrkirche

Playing card showing a potter at the wheel; Hafnerin [potter?] Böhmen [Bohemia], "Hofämterspiel" for King Ladislas "Posthumus", c. 1455

Tudor sword of Henry VIII @ Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 1500-1600, rock crystal and gilt silver. Said to be given to him by the Pope. (If anything drives home the end of the Medieval Age, this is it...a sword that could never be used. Only a generation before, Henry VIII's father, Henry VII fought at Bosworth to win the right to be King of England...)

Hl. Christophorus (detail) 1490-1500; Zwickenberg; Österreich; Kärnten; Pfarrkirche

Poultry keeping. Tacuinum sanitatis, 14 Century, Vienna Austrian National Library, Cod Vindob. P n 2644, northern Italy in 1390, folio 65r.

tablecloth, basket, pitcher. detail from Geburt Mariens: Kunstwerk: Temperamalerei-Holz ; Einrichtung sakral ; Flügelaltar ; Oberösterreich , Salzburg Dokumentation: 1475 ; 1485 ; Kirchdorf an der Krems ; Österreich ; Oberösterreich ; Pfarrkirche Anmerkungen: Kirchdorf an der Krems