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Erkunde Kärnten Pfarrkirche, Licht Metall und noch mehr!

Hl. Christophorus (detail) 1500-1510; Zwickenberg; Österreich; Kärnten; Pfarrkirche

Nurnburger Hausbucher, Lantern Maker 1536 - The lantern makers sitting on his…

Gefangennahme Christi; Judaskuss; Malchusszene 1470-1480; Wartberg an der Krems; Österreich; Oberösterreich; Pfarrkirche St. Kilian

❤ - SANDRO BOTTICELLI ( 1445 - 1510) - Adoration of the Magi (detail).

92 [44v] - Ms. germ. qu. 12 - Die sieben weisen Meister - Seite - Mittelalterliche Handschriften - Digitale Sammlungen

Katherine of Aragon, 1511 Detail of Katherine of Aragon from the Westminster Tournament Roll which illustrates the two-day tournament that was held to celebrate the birth of Katherine and Henry VIII’s short-lived son, prince Henry (February 1511).

Barbara von Erlach (nee de Praroman of Freiburg) with daughters modeled (see image to the very bottom right, from the Spiez Shilling). Barbara was the wife of Altschultheiss Rudolf von Erlach, the patron of the Berner Schilling.

Infant @ Elmley Castle's church the Savage family in the north transept. It commemorates two generations, William Savage (d.16160, his son Giles Savage (d.1631) & his wife Catherine (d.1674) who holds a baby, a poignant reminder of how common child mortality once was. The monument is the work of Samuel Baldwin of Stroud and is of excellent quality, beautifully carved with exquisite details, with gold leaf used to pick out various details of the costumes.