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Erkunde Dunkel, Shells And Snails und noch mehr!

Acroloxus lacustris (limpets). The smallest aquarium snails. If you observe them from a side their shell will look like a small cap. These small snails are rather reticent and prefer to do all their activity in the twilights and in the dark. Turn on the tank lights at night & be very surprised, dozens of these snails will be on the tank walls and plants. They are considered to be harmless.

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Mysterious photography and collages by Colette Saint Yves

Moon Goddess with snail shell

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The Buffalo and Snail

This cloud looks like a snail and the sun is its shell, the shell is glowing, and the shell can glow in the dark. | Double Nautilus v2

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PHOTOS: This See-Through Snail Is Incredible

A new snail species with a beautifully translucent shell (and body) was recently discovered more than 3,000 feet (914 meters) underground in a Croatian cave.The new snail completely lacks eyes and shell pigmentation. Neither would serve a purpose in the complete darkness of the cave.