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Don't talk to him. Ever. Or look at him. Or smile at him. Or think about him. If that's not too much to ask...

I'm pretty sure this is intended to be pinned concerning significant others, but I am pinning it on behalf of my children. Seriously, if it ain't your's, you don't touch it, overly friendly strangers!

Because of Cameron Dallas. We say zayum.

¿Quién dice que los príncipes dejaron de existir?

People say "it's all about the looks" I say... "It's what's on the inside that counts I will love Hayes forever until death takes my part Hayes is my world" #HayesIsMyWorld #IWillLoveHayesTillDeathTakesMyPart

Johnson and Gilinsky <3 I prefer Johnson cause he's just so adorable and he has a babyface <3

*Screaming crying* THE TEARS ARE STREAMING DOWN MY FACE AND I HURT INSIDE!!! All I will be is just another fan