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Don't be like the rest of them darling.

Wenn interessiert es schon, was die Anderen denken?

HAHA this is so me! I typically DON'T call you out on it....I count and see how many times you lie to me and each one goes against our "friendship"


Es ist nun über drei Jahre her, seit ich diesen Blog eingerichtet habe. Was am Anfang noch ein privates, kleines Tagebuch war, ist nun zu meinem Beruf und wicht Mehr

Minus the type ...should be you're*. But this is soooo true, ladies if he cheats with you he WILL cheat on you.


Yes! I'm all ready to leave! Just got done shaving my legs and now they are silky as can be! Gonna get up at 7am and get dressed and hopefully go out for breakfast ;)