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Erkunde Microsorum Pteropus, Farne Bromelien und noch mehr!

B019PP - Feinblaettriger Sumatrafarn - Wasserstern _ Ceratopteris thalictroides PlanetPlants B019PP

o30018DE - In-Vitro Schmalblaettriger Wasserkelch _ Cryptocoryne cordata Dennerle o30018DE

Microsorum pteropus Narrow Leaf

Cryptocoryne petchii - Petchs Wasserkelch

The Best 5 Low-Light Aquarium Plants


African Water Fern Info – Tips On African Water Fern Care

Bolbitis Water Fern: Growing African Water Ferns - Fish keepers will know the Bolbitis water fern, or African fern. This is a tropical shade epiphyte found around bodies of water and boggy regions. The fern is a robust specimen and useful as a natural plant in fish tanks. Click here to learn more.

I have a small one of these in my garden. Saw amazing ones at Huntington Gardens