Erkunde Eingebettetes Bild, Lebender Toter und noch mehr!

Eingebettetes Bild

Eingebettetes Bild

Dean: Auggie, get up get up get up. Lennie: I don't wanna. Tired. Dean: ppppplllleeeassseee. Lennie: why? Dean: pretty view. Lennie: I like the view of my pillow. Sigh. Ten more minutes. Dean: I'll wait *sits on edge of bed, sighs and climbs in with me* you are warm Lennie: uh huh

Tristezas que pueden cambiar, aunque sea doloroso reconocer tus errores (principios)

Alle Guten Dinge,Süße Träume,Bedilisiys Schießen,Ich Bin So Müde,Ohne Titel,Things Lovely,Noble Dreams,Girl Misery,Bedilisiys Shooting


s o m e w h e r e i n a m e r i c a by neamoscou, via Flickr

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