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Erkunde Musclemen Jungs, Körperkunst und noch mehr!

Muscle is an essential tissue of human body which provides force for various movements of the body. Muscle is made up of muscle fibers which are elongated cells containing contractile elements that are responsible for changing the size and shape of muscle such that it produces a force of movement. Hence, it is a contractile tissue and is primarily designed for movements.

cool 40 Hot Man Bun Frisuren für Männer #Frisuren #für #Männer

Symmetrie und die Vielfalt des Rückens gefallen mir, Farbwirkung eher langweilig (dieses mit der coolen blau-feuchten Beckham-Atmosphäre wäre sicher spannend)

SHINee!!!!! MINHO!!!!! THIS!!!!! This is not necessary SHINee boy! I have a weak heart:( No joke! I'm so serious! (literally) I had surgery May of 2013 my little pace maker keeps my heart beating when it decides to just stop and helps with the Afib and a ton of meds, Not looking for sympathy Minho, just, have mercy on me please! Gosh!

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