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von Etsy

Uncanny Augustus the Clown creepy OOAK handmade art doll


evil clown dolls sitting in chairs I know this is old school but ever since Poltergeist I've had a fear of ugly/creepy/evil clown dolls (or ANY clown doll for that matter) sitting in a chair...especially a rocking chair! I don't have a fear of long as they smile, look happy and keep STANDING!

Unheimlich Schaurig,Gruselig,Zirkus,Hate Clowns,Clowns Clowns Clowns,Fröhliche Clowns,Wicked Clowns,Clowns Bore,Wicked Evil

Sonstigen,Halloween Clowns,Clowns Erschrecken,Creepy Clowns,Terror Angst,Fair,Clowns Aren'T,Hated Clowns,Demon Clowns


Poltergeist Clown Doll Mask

Before "Poltergeist" clowns were a symbol of joy, happiness, and childhood wonder. But since the fateful 1982 horror classic hit theaters, clowns have represented nothing less than sheer terror. - One

von Frank T. Zumbachs Mysterious World

Some Weird Illustrations (F.S. Coburn)

Illustration Aus,Gruselig,Mystisch,Bearbeitet,Unsortiert,Geister Hauntings Seltsamkeit,Schatten,Schwarz,Weiß

They call her Sarah... But she looks like Linda Blair! AIEEE!