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Find the green Hammershøi miniature vases from Kähler here

Hammershøi Kerzenhalter, Rosa von Kähler Design

Use the modern, Nordic floor vase to add personality to your home as a unique, exclusive work of art.

Experience the elegant Hammershøi vases in a 3-pack in classic white. Use the three, sweet miniature vases as decoration in a lovely tableau or on the table filled with little flowers and fresh twigs from the garden. The miniature vases feature the classic Hammershøi furrows inspired by the world-famous artist, Svend Hammershøi, who created his works at Kähler’s old workshop in Næstved.

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The beautiful heather glaze of the floor vase settles randomly on the ceramics and ends as a heavy drop suspended in time and creates a stunning three-dimensional depth.

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Expand your Hammershøi collection with this centrepiece vase from Kähler. Use the large vase as a unique design statement.

The plum Kähler vase in the Hammershøi range is inspired by Svend Hammershøi’s voluminous vases, which he created at Kähler’s old workshop in the 20th century. In the Hammershøi range, Hans-Christian Bauer has reinterpreted the old works and created a range with the same distinctive furrows.