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Uruk/Warka Excavation in 1929/30 © Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Orient Abteilung

Uruk the first city of Sumer. Photo from the Uruk/Warka Excavation in 1929/30--Discovery of the statuette of a ‘high priest’ in a vessel. Mesopotamian city of Uruk, (modern day Warka in Iraq), brought to light the first known urban culture. Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Orient Abteilung

Reconstruction of the White Temple on the Anu Ziggurat, Uruk. "The building had white plastered walls, which were divided by niches, multiple postaments, maybe shelves in an adjacent room as well as multiple staircases, which led to the roof or to a second storey. The erection of the building was radiocarbon-dated between 3517 and 3358 BC."

From the temple of Uruk (Warka). Pergamon Museum Germany.

City of Uruk, early Bronze Age Mesopotamia.

Sumer: Uruk, Temple of Inanna Berlin, Pergamon Museum

Uruk. The Mask of Warka, also known as the 'Lady of Uruk' ca 3100 BC, is one of the earliest representations of the human face. The carved marble female face is probably a depiction of Goddess Inana. Mesopotamia